venerdì 25 marzo 2011

Guestlist London - March 2011

It was on a Friday afternoon when i was surfing over some fashion blog and suddenly my attention was caught from this and the art shown on it, more exactly the hats creation from the Italian designer Alessandro Mengozzi. I started to take more informations about him, visiting his website i read through his biography. He graduated in fashion design at “Istituto Marangoni” in Milan and currently his working as freelance for several brands. The real begin is represented just right by his high ornamental and scenic hats collection that i came across. His inspiration derives from the nature and this is expressed even through the use of metal, stones, papers, hair, iron, chalk and all the materials able to rapresent a good chance to experiment and project. For sure his strong passion for arts and fashion merges with the costant of a dark view. His IAM label will put on sale the first collection of this young designer during this summer 2011, a great occasion to come across his personal streetwear point of view!

Julia Pezzulo

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